Aster, smart assistant for smart meetings

Discover aster the smart assistant that helps teams run efficient meetings and makes them well prepared.

Aster allows teams to agilely collaborate, providing the framework for better prepared meetings, upstreaming contribution, proper reminders and adapting to the user’s needs from one meeting to another.

Improve your team’s collaboration using Aster

1. Say no to boring meetings

Aster helps you stay organized and make teamwork more efficient. Your meetings will be shorter and more engaging.

2. Get simplified meeting reports

Aster will take care of your meeting reports after each meeting. Everything is easy and automated

3. Forget about the unassigned tasks

With Aster, all the tasks are clear, assigned and ready to be completed.

Aster is integrated to your collaboration tools

Integrate it with your calendar and communication tools. Aster makes it easier for teams to manage their meetings, agenda, projects and tasks.

Aster connects people across a broad range of industries, being ideal for small businesses as well as for large enterprises.